Closing the gap between your mouse & your tummy.

Shall we play a game? ZAPPED by ZapMeals!

ok, so we may not have fooled as many folks as we had planned, but we sure had a helluva good time 🙂

thanks to all the conspirators involved in our fun: Kevin & Deb @ Supernova, Jeff Clavier, Gil Penchina, Josh Kopelman, Mike Arrington, and most especially Wayne Lambright, for an amazing demo performance and for putting together some awesome screenshot mockups. along with the ZapMeals company blog i cooked up a few weeks ago, Wayne really made our ‘fake’ business come to life! (guess it must have been all that ToastMasters training).

btw, for those thinking this “fake” company was too good to be true, i should mention Wayne really *does* run an online foodie website called, with over 4,000 restaurant reviews in San Francisco & growing. if you’re hungry and you live in SF, i suggest you check it out… unfortunately, they don’t deliver just yet 😉


dave “ivan” mcclure & wayne lambright
ZapMeals co-founders & co-conspirators

dave mcclure, master of 500 hats wayne lambright


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