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Hardware status update & an Intro to Wayne

Hello friends of ZapMeals! Over the weekend Ivan has been load testing the new network and everything is working very well. We are still on schedule for our July 1, 2007 open beta launch.

For the techies out there, we’re running an IBM system cluster 1350. Currently we have 10 nodes in the network, and what’s brilliant about this cluster is that you can scale up to over 1024 nodes… now that’s scalability :-). Our CTO & co-founder Ivan is a Linux guy, so if you have any questions about this node post them in the comments. For more info on our hardware checkout this IBM 1350 link.

This week ZapMeals will be presenting as a Supernova 2007 Connected Innovator. The Supernova program highlights emerging technologies and top web influencers, and it’s being put together by Kevin Werbach, an assistant professor at The Wharton School.

For those of you wondering about me (Wayne Lambright), I’ve provided a video clip below that explains a little more about my involvement in co-founding ZapMeals:


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